That seems to be the most frequently asked question in EAST classrooms everywhere.  What is an EAST project?  The truth is: There is not one easy answer. EAST projects can be a great number of things.  EAST is all about project-based learning and community service; EAST students use cutting-edge technology to solve problems they identify in their communities. Often the students provide services not otherwise available in the community.

 This presents a problem.  Students are conditioned to expect their teacher to:

  1. Make the plan
  2. Tell them what to do
  3. Tell them how to do it
  4. Tell them when it’s due

 That is not how things work in EAST.  In EAST, students are required to improve their ability to:

  1. Make the plan
  2. Determine what they want to accomplish
  3. Determine the best way to do it
  4. See it through to completion
  5. Document their progress

In fact, sometimes it is easier to define what an EAST project is not.

EAST projects are not:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • fundraisers
  • Microsoft office creations
  • research papers
  • print shop requests
  • easy assignments

The purpose of EAST is to grow the student, not grow the project.  EAST projects should be opportunities for students to go beyond the typical classroom setting and provide a service for an organization or someone other than themselves.