The EAST Program at Stuttgart High School will challenge each student to develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving; skills that are prerequisites for success in the working world today. Student projects will utilize cutting-edge, industry-standard technology to address real life problems in our world today.

EAST is not only a class but a philosophy. We believe that students should learn not only through assignments but by forming their own project ideas and applying the resources available to real life situations. The experience of being involved in a service project as well as technical knowledge gained in EAST is beneficial to both the students as well as the community. EAST provides an interesting, educational environment using new age technology to serve the community.


In 1999, the Stuttgart School District implemented a new program that aimed to further develop the critical thinking skills and self-directed learning among students as they moved beyond the traditional four walls of the classroom. Thus, the "EAST Lab" was established at Stuttgart High School. EAST is an educational program that combines self-direction, teamwork, service and cutting-edge technology in a manner that helps students develop their own interests and aptitudes in a positive environment. At the core of the EAST program is a dedication to service. All students, regardless of past experience or previous expectation, are encouraged, expected, and required to work in teams that tackle self-selected school and community service projects. This enables students to move beyond the classroom and into their community, allowing them the opportunity to prove that students can make a difference in the world in which they live. Through the context of student-led service projects, EAST students should move beyond being "merely" volunteers and begin to assume roles of responsibility for solving local issues.

The EAST model allows students to take ownership of their own educational goals as well as the challenges of their communities and the responsibility for seeking solutions. Students move beyond the theoretical exploration of issues and into active learning and service. This model empowers students to become good citizens at a time when they are beginning to ingrain habits that will stay with them throughout life. It teaches leadership in a natural way that does not focus necessarily on who is in charge as much as who has the skills, the passion, and the interest to solve the myriad problems. Participating in EAST better prepares students for successful academic careers and makes them valued citizens and sought-after members of the modern workforce.


If you have a project idea or would like to partner with students from the EAST program at Stuttgart High School, please visit the PROJECT IDEAS page. If you have questions of would like to discuss a possible student project, please contact our program at east@stuttgartschools.org or by calling the EAST classroom at (870) 673-3561 ext. 5029.

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